Fresh pasta artisans in the Roaring Fork Valley

Aina and Marco Baghetti are excited to bring La Pastaiola's artisanal Italian fresh pasta and sauces to the Roaring Fork Valley.

Marco is from Naples, Italy. His childhood memories are mostly of being in the kitchen with nonna and mother, observing them cooking, debating over the best ingredients, and deciding on the day's menu for the family. He loved being with them, tasting, and helping. Holidays are the best memories as they made traditional Neapolitan food, mainly cooked during the festive season. Every Easter, Marco and his mom cook together over video calls.


Aina is from Almaty, Kazakhstan. She was born into a large family of seven children.  Experimenting with family meals was always a fun activity. She grew to love food and pursued her career in hospitality mastering the art of pasta making in Italy in order to create a product made with skill, love and tradition.


Marco and Aina met while working at @ilgattopardonyc restaurant in New York City. They both share a passion for Italian food and exceptional service. An extensive experience in food and wine, restaurant management, and catering services led them to open an artisanal "pastificio" in the Roaring Fork Valley.

They have two sons, Matteo and Stefano, to whom they wish to pass on their passion.